The classic “chicken or the egg” conundrum
Candy shopWhen President Obama so eloquently enlightened the American entrepreneurial spirit that “they” were not responsible for their success but instead it was the result of the government and something that it did right that caused the entrepreneur to be successful.  Several in the media refer to the President’s statement as a gaffe, a statement by a public figure so absurd they obviously did not mean what they proclaimed…or did they?

Today America has two parties. The first party is the progressive.  Progressives come in two flavors red and blue and they believe in the greatness of government.  They believe that citizens need government and that only through government can people self actualize.  The Progressive so distrust the individual they have expanded the role of government from facilitator to the provider, as such is responsible for our prosperity.

Government builds roads.  Government educates children.  We are now told that there is a private and public economy.  Through the eyes of the Progressive there is no connection between the public and private.  The public market is the benevolent economy and the private economy is the evil economy where people pursue profits over philanthropy.

The other party is made up of the Jeffersonian Democrats and the Lincoln Republicans.  They have yet to realize that they are brothers but both believe in rugged individualism and a government that facilitates the pursuit of prosperity.  They realize that it is them who selflessly in conjunction with their neighbors forfeit their hard earned profits and wages to build a better tomorrow.  It is not the government who builds the roads and pays the teachers but the entrepreneurs and workers of yesterday.  Each generation builds the foundation of tomorrow.

You may not have built roads or paid for the teachers of today but you are building tomorrows roads and tomorrows bridges and paying for tomorrows teachers.  Entrepreneurs built this nation and each generation improves the foundation for tomorrow.  A responsible government is simply a tool of the American spirit.

Of course with 15 trillion in debt perhaps President Obama is right, perhaps we did not build it.


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