Over the last couple of weeks and for the next few, the political debate is centered on the national debt and progressive solutions as framed by the President.  Washington struggles with progressive solutions (both from the right and left) vs. a poorly defined alternative of limited government.

As Washington struggles with the debt dilemma, one must ask…where is the alternative?  Where are the candidates championing consumption taxation and the rejection of repressive productivity taxation?  Where are the candidates favoring break-even enterprise entities, realistic fees for services provided, and responsible stewardship of our natural resources?  Where are the candidates with innovative solutions to retirement planning?  Or creative management of healthcare cost over the entire life?

We were hoping Bachmann or Cain is that candidate.

Now is the time to introduce real alternatives to the progressive ideology.  I am a purveyor of ResolutePrinciples.com and with one quick review anyone can find principled solutions.  I believe that you share similar positions but have yet to champion them on your site.  I would encourage you to correct this shortcoming and define in more detail your principled positions.

I encourage either Cain or Bachmann to become the alternative.

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