We the People“We the People” are not just meaningless words.  The Constitution is very specific in the preamble that the rights, privileges and obligations are those of the People of the United States.  How guests to this country, whether invited or not, immediately receive all the rights and privileges but seldom the obligation of a citizen of the United States is vexing.  Do the courts grant guests these rights because Congress has refused to act?  We are not for treating people inhumanly but to imbue guests with full constitutional rights is inappropriate.

Congress should devise a set of humane rights and privileges for the State to comply by when engaging with guests.  These rights and privileges shall be inferior to constitutional protections.  Also, guests should not be eligible for government support services like food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, etc.  Guests would be expected to fulfill financial obligations for services like healthcare.  Failure to meet financial obligations would be grounds for deportation.  Likewise, fraudulently obtaining government services would also be grounds for deportation.

Congress should provide Constitutional Guidance to the courts on the application of Constitutional rights.  Congress also needs to define guests’ rights, privileges and obligations.

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