For months, we have been hearing how the economy is much worse than the unemployment numbers reflect. Why…primarily because of underemployment. But who are these struggling Americans who will do whatever it takes to maintain some sense of normalcy. We are told that they are very talented individuals filling roles far below their capabilities. While a life may be the worse thing to waste, certainly one’s talents, for an economy, must be second.

I, like many Americans, manage my debt and not my cash. During good times, I can see my line of credit persistently and constantly drop (although not as quickly as I would like). The other day, I performed my personal quarterly review. I tell you, I was truly shocked to see my line of credit going the wrong way! I struggled to see how this could be. After all, I am a talented professional and good at what I do. Things have been difficult, I have had to take up project work over regular employment but I am still working. As I completed my analysis, I came to one realization. I am not making enough money.

I have found the underemployed….and it is I.

America was founded on a certain rugged individualism. A belief one could accomplish anything. All the government needs to do is provide an environment where prosperity can thrive…and they failed. The solution that is being offered to us is a choice between a progressive liberal or a progressive conservative. I am not sure if progressivism is the solution, I believe it to be more the cause. Don’t you?

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