To listen to the President all our problems are due to the greedy 1%. They are not willing to “give” more of their money. Even the Liberal 1% has yet to make a significant contribution to the Federal Treasury, including the evil Warren Buffet. But is class warfare really the solution? If the 99% were successful at extracting all the income of the 1%, it still would not solve our fiscal mess.

One can understand the attractiveness of the welfare state, the idea of something for nothing. Everyone likes Christmas presents, even the atheist. This philosophy has been tried by the communist and the socialist…and failed. If you believe in our current progressive (American socialism) path, perhaps we can develop a citizen exchange program with Russia, Greece and China. I am sure that some of their dissident citizens would welcome a chance to experience rugged American individualism away from their mother country.

The State cannot play the role of Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood was actually quite the opposite; he returned to the people what the State had unjustly extracted.

The American drive has always been based on ones ability to ascend to the one percent. The first generation works hard, saves and educates their children propelling them into the middle class. Of course, to make this happen, one needs a good job created by a one percent-er. In the next generation hopefully that educated child gets the entrepreneurial itch and starts a business. They work long, thankless hours away from family and friends. Over time, their business grows and they are eventually able to hire an employee or two: starting the cycle for a new generation. If the entrepreneur is blessed perhaps their company will grow enough to propel them into the one percent as they continue to create opportunity for fellow Americans. And what is the role of government you may ask? Create a prosperity friendly environment and stay out of the way. Without the drive of the American people always reaching for a better tomorrow, America will fall.

Our problem is not that the one percent have too much; no, our problem is that the one percent are too few.

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