Federal Budgeting, Deficits and Debt

How to Eat an Elephant How does one eat an elephant?  The answer, of course…is…one bite at a time.  It is such a simple and obvious answer.  If you have something massive, break it down into small Budgetparts.  This is not really wisdom or insightful.  It is not particularly astute.  In fact, the concept to break down a large project i...

Let’s Grow

Everyone agrees that the economy needs to grow…but how? The President, much to his credit, has applied Keynesian economics to the Nth degree. Unfortunately, it is proven to be a flawed philosophy. Even with the government making up more than 40% of the economy, we cannot spend ourselves into prosperity. The only progressive solution to date…spend more. Eight hundred billion was not enough; we need to spend 400 billion more. Surely it will work this time. More