Oil, Gas Prices and Open Markets – Consumption Taxation with a twist

GasPricesToday, the American people find themselves once again victims of rocketing gas prices. We are victims not because our demand is out of control…it is actually down; not because there is a shortage…as a result of a record warm winter domestic supplies are ample. It is not because the exports are up; they are actually sig...

The Catholic Church, Contraceptives and Obama

BirthControlThe President has insulted common sense and the Constitution all at once.  Aside from the President’s twisted sense of morality and clear intrusion on Religion, are two overlooked principles.  First is the separation of powers.  The founding fathers so feared a monarch that they divided our government’s powers into three ...

The Problem with the One Percent


To listen to the President all our problems are due to the greedy 1%. They are not willing to “give” more of their money. Even the Liberal 1% has yet to make a significant contribution to the Federal Treasury, including the evil Warren Buffet. But is class warfare really the solution? If the 99% were successful at extracting all t...