Syria? Seriously?

Is seems as though we have become images a nation of War Hawks.  We just cannot pass up a war.  The greatest irony is when our war protestor Secretary of State justifies a war with less merit than the one he directly engaged in.  Or when Democrats, known for protesting wars, the senseless and sensible, suddenly find Syria justifiable, is this not ...

Obama, North Carolina and Gay Marriage

gay marriageIn May 2012, President Obama has come to a revelation.  His position on marriage “evolved”.  He now is comfortable with the concept, but feels that the legalization of gay marriage is a state issue.  Of course, shortly after the President’s revelation, Republican challenger Mitt Romney rebutted the President’s p...

The Catholic Church, Contraceptives and Obama

BirthControlThe President has insulted common sense and the Constitution all at once.  Aside from the President’s twisted sense of morality and clear intrusion on Religion, are two overlooked principles.  First is the separation of powers.  The founding fathers so feared a monarch that they divided our government’s powers into three ...

Can Cain Survive?

Herman Cain has been smeared this week. Assuming that Mr. Cain does not turn out to be a cross between Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper, the question will be, does our process have room for the citizen statesman? Early in our country’s history, when the government was efficient and effective, we were governed by citizen statesmen. There was no such thing as professional politicians. Our representatives were our neighbors. They would serve for a few years and went home. They did not need special int...

Defending the Income Tax – Are you nuts?

In the most recent Republican debate, candidate Herman Cain came under fire for his 9-9-9 plan.  It was astounding to hear conservatives attack an alternative to the income tax.  The income tax, given to us by the progressive movement, has become the most twisted mangled piece of legislation known to man.  The current system allows almost half the population to pay nothing, “directly”, for their government, plus any company or special interest group with lobbying money can obtain a special carve...

Let’s Grow

Everyone agrees that the economy needs to grow…but how? The President, much to his credit, has applied Keynesian economics to the Nth degree. Unfortunately, it is proven to be a flawed philosophy. Even with the government making up more than 40% of the economy, we cannot spend ourselves into prosperity. The only progressive solution to date…spend more. Eight hundred billion was not enough; we need to spend 400 billion more. Surely it will work this time. More

Are we ALL stupid?

Listening to the political discourse there is one and only one solution to the nation’s woes. The solution (the only acceptable main stream solution) is based on a century long progressive movement…Government. Any other solution is pure folly. Can we fund the government other than through productivity (income tax) taxation? What about a consumption tax (Fair Tax or equivalent)? What fool would suggest this? Palin? Perry? Cain? All fools! More

Obama, the conservative?

When it comes to foreign policy, President Obama is conservative.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, certainly not the democratic base.   Strip away the rhetoric; ignore the speeches, worldwide apologies and bowing to Arab Kings.  Look at his actions. The President increased the troops deployed in Afghanistan.  He has kept Guantanamo open.  After misstep with the Attorney General, the President is using military tribunals for applying justice to terrorist.  The he got Ben Laden and used the Seals to ...