Is seems as though we have become
images a nation of War Hawks.  We just cannot pass up a war.  The greatest irony is when our war protestor Secretary of State justifies a war with less merit than the one he directly engaged in.  Or when Democrats, known for protesting wars, the senseless and sensible, suddenly find Syria justifiable, is this not the greatest irony?  And last but not least, let’s not forget the Republicans who loathe the president, concur on this whim.  We have John McCain who never saw a war he didn’t like one upped the president.  We need substantive interference!  The balance of Republicans would rather spill the blood of our children than look foolish.  Really?

Whatever happened to laissez-faire and war avoidance?  Up until and including WWII, we avoided wars.  Adams spent most of his presidency staying out of war.  We did not enter WWII until we were directly attacked.   And civil wars, in particular, are brutal.  Our own civil war is still the bloodiest in our short history.  How would we have reacted had a foreign power engaged in our Civil War?  Interference could have allowed the abominable institution of slavery to endure and our union to crumble.

In this civil war, there is no righteous side.  We have evil fighting evil.  And while I do not support the gassing of the innocent nor do I support those who would bomb market places, crash planes into buildings or blow up spectators at a sporting event.  At the risk of sounding heartless, what is wrong with letting the animals kill each other?  Why risk our blood and the blood of our children?

President Obama would have us believe that Assad crossed a line, a line the world drew.  If the world drew the line, why are we alone?  The UN is silent.  NATO says no.  The G20 is glum.  The parliament of our strongest ally voted “nay”.  The line is looking more like something President Obama drew and not the world.  The armed forces of the United States are to defend America not right the world’s wrongs.  There simply are too many.  The cost is far too great in both blood and treasure.  A return to the days of laissez-faire and war avoidance, not pacifism, but avoidance is past due.  A strategy that served the nation well for over 170 years.


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