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The Role of Government

What is the role of Government?  Some would argue that government’s role is to take care of its people.  The creation of government is to serve, to serve the people and in this service no one should be need.  This vision is shared by the Communists, Socialists and in America those who favor big government.  In each form, the allure to the masses is attractive.  The something for nothing, the Robin Hood complex…tax the…well someone else…the rich will do.  Class warfare is a favorite of those who favor big government socialism.

In America, which parties favors big government socialism?  Historically, the party in power.  Over the recent past there has been little differentiation between the Democrats and Republicans.  During the Bush administration the growth of government was unprecedented since President Johnson’s Great Society.  Today, President Obama’s government expansion will dwarf anything his predecessor could have even dreamed…from the poorly executed trillion-dollar Keynesian spending bill to the conversion of one 12th of the US economy.  Why has expanding government become so popular…by both parties?  Simple votes.  Politicians buy votes with our money and today with the money of our children.

For the first hundred-twenty years of our history, government spending averaged 2 1/2% of gross domestic product excluding war years.  Today, government spending is reaching over 28% of our gross domestic product.  Big government spending is definitely in vogue.  The alternative, the alternative is to embrace our foundation.  The founding fathers revolted because government became too repressive.  In fact the founding fathers ensured a means to overthrow oppressive government should arise again, when they crafted the second amendment.  The founding fathers believed in small government even after the Civil War when a strong central government trumpeted states rights…the size of government with small.

What served America so well for over hundred-twenty years?  The philosophical belief that it was the role of government to create an environment where success and prosperity were possible even probable but never provided.  At its core the principle of creating the environment for the pursuit of prosperity is a directly opposed to big government policies examine how embracing this fundamental principle would impact our tax code, social programs and other domestic policies.

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