Donald TrumpGreat Job! so far but if substance matters you might strengthen your positions by….
Mr. Trump – Great job so far. You have done a good job striking a cord with the frustrated in America. However as the process moves forward you might want to enhance some of your positions. Here are some suggestions.

Immigration – To date you can boil down your position by stating you plan to enforce the law and complete the already authorize wall. Your conviction is moving but there are several doubters that such a straight forward approach could not work, after all it is has been tried before.
To enhance your current position you could execute on the already authorize wall and enforce the existing laws but also develop a virtual wall. I believe that there are five pressure points if cut off from illegals, it would remove the desire to break our laws and come to America illegally.

Leveraging a national id to access the following services would effectively create the virtual wall.

Require the national id, proof of legal status to access the following services:

• Banking
• Medical Care
• Employment
• Education
• Government services

The virtual wall, combined with the physical wall and simply enforcing existing law should go a long way towards true security. Simply stating that one plans to enforce the current process but better is just not creditable.

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Jobs, Trade and Taxation – Another key issue is how one plans to ignite the American economy. Simply taking a twist on the broken tax system will not differentiate you from the crowd and by default, will leave most believing you have no true plan to revitalize the American economy. Yes, you will do a better job in negotiating trade deals, an important step, but the US economy cannot be tweaked. The current code tries to tweak the economy by offering little one off incentives. Do not tweak the economy, unleash it!

Today approximately 23% the cost of an American made product is one form of tax or another. Foreign goods by contrast enter the US market with little or no tax burden. This is in part because every country other than ours has realized that employments is better than taxing businesses and thus have adopted a form of the VAT/sales tax. Continuing to tax income/productivity is a mistake. Instead you should tax wealth or consumption. I am a fan of a three prong funding approach for the federal government. They are:

• Consumption Tax (20% on all sales (embedded)
• Import/export tax (imports 10% in part to pay for debt in part to have a mechanism for “fair” trade. Export tax only on raw and semi manufactured goods – finished goods would be 0. Let’s not let foreign countries plunder our resources.)
• Break-even Enterprise organizations – (insist that organizations like the Post Office, TSA, SEC etc run at break even or a modest profit.)
The consumption tax would replace all current taxes including Social Security, Medicare, Personal and Corporate Income Tax. The concept would be that the tax would be imbedded much like social security, and income tax currently is in our product costs.

Unlike the “fair” tax I would impose this on all goods, new and old. I would allow an exemption on “used” homes of up to one million dollars, and personal property of up to 100K. There is no reason the let used mansions or used Ferraris go untaxed.

To reduce the burden on the poor, a rebate can be issues up to the induvial poverty line. This would allow the burden on the poor to be effectively zero, less than it is today.

Finally, we can exempt tax on any education. I would however require that in order to obtain the exemption status, the institution would be required to reduce their rates 20% and keep inflation under the core inflation rate of the CPI (excluding energy and food) to maintain the exemption. One last requirement, only US Citizen would be exempt from the tax. Guests, foreign and domestic, invited or not, would be subject to the tax.

On capital assets, such as buildings and investment assets like stock, I would allow the direct cost to be deducted. Original issuance would be exempt. However, since this is sales/consumption tax, losses would be taxed at $0 but not offset against gains. I would also use the same rate as the general rate, no special rates. 401K investments would be sheltered from the consumption/sales tax. Not to tax gains would be politically unfeasible, in my opinion.

Government purchases would not be exempt.
The economic impact of a consumption tax is projected to be the single biggest pro-growth government funding policy currently in existence.

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Welfare Reform – Employer of Last Resort – Other than a robust economy that provides employment there is little to assist the destitute. Our war on poverty has done little to lift people of poverty. Some may say that it has locked them in. Even in a robust economy, the poor struggle. If they can find work it is often not full time and inevitably not high paying.

Many time progressives will look to the minimum wage as the cause to all evil. In their mind it is just not enough. Two people working 60 hours a week at minimum wage would make $45,240. This is close to the national average wage for a family. Yes, this is a lot of hours. And yes, minimum wage is not ideal. The real problem is not the number of hours or the rate.

The real problem is finding some willing employee a person for this many hours.

Too often, people at the bottom of the economic latter struggle to find employment; let alone full employment. If they do find employment they fear losing benefits as our social support system dis-incentivize work.
The State could offer five 10 hour days through the week and on Saturday offer a full day of education. The education could range from entrepreneurialism to practical employable skills in demand from the local community. Citizen would have the luxury of working as much or as little as the desired. For example, if the local Wal*Mart decided to cut hours because of a bad policy past by the government, the average poor person may be hard pushed to replace the hours. To make up part of the shortfall they could come to the State and pick up some hours.

There would be no requirement other than the willingness to work. This would be a real support program allowing individuals to be eased off of support and into the market. Employment could range from local security to large capital works projects.

I hope you find some of my suggestions useful. When it comes to foreign policy, national defense and certain domestic policies like Obama care I have little to add to your current position. I do have an idea for revamping the budget process as well as some thoughts on strengthening congress. It is important to our democracy that congress works.

Again, I hope you found this essay helpful and best of luck on your campaign.

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