We are less than a month away from the first primary and there is no conservative candidate to choose from.  If we have to choose between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are we really choosing a conservative candidate? Mitt, father of Romney Care a perfect example of an overbearing State and Newt, cozying up to the poster child of progressivism, American Socialism, is there a conservative principled candidate?

I admit, I am a sucker for the citizen statesman and early on had hoped Trump or Cain would answer the call.  Trump opted out of fear of being exposed both financially and personally.  Cain should have.

There was a time when Cain sounded good.  His advocacy for consumption taxation to replace the repressive productivity taxation of the Federal Income Tax Code sounded promising.  Even though Cain introduced an interim phase in his 9-9-9 plan, he appeared principled.  Then, the endless line of women that would even make Clinton blush began to parade across the evening news.  If that was not bad enough he fumbled some easy foreign policy questions that even my middle-schooler could handle.  Not once but multiple times.  Yes, Cain is done.

Who is left?  Who will rise and give us a choice?  Michele Bachmann needs to develop more of a platform other than “I am at the tip of the spear”.  There is an opening for a conservative.  Come on…Michelle, give us a choice!  There is a wide-open spot for a conservative…with a solid conservative platform.

Rick Perry, he is just like a bad book with a great cover.  Looks interesting from the outside just do not crack the cover.  The problem with Rick is, you cannot fake conservative principles.  You have to believe them.  Rick is too much a politician and not enough a principled conservative.

Give Ron Paul credit.  He is consistent.  And even though, we all believe in the constitution, Representative Paul’s rigid constitutional purism may put the presidency beyond his grasp.

Rick Santorum – possible…if he can get started.  Time is running out.

Huntsman?  How this progressive missed the top tier is a mystery.  Maybe he is in the wrong party?

So who is left?  I fear that conservative thought may not have a champion this election cycle.  This will leave us with a battle between a conservative and a liberal progressive.  Will the electorate be able to distinguish between them?  Perhaps not.  This could lead to four more years and the further deterioration of America.

So who will rise to champion the conservative cause?  Ever think you should run?

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