In the most recent Republican debate, candidate Herman Cain came under fire for his 9-9-9 plan.  It was astounding to hear conservatives attack an alternative to the income tax.  The income tax, given to us by the progressive movement, has become the most twisted mangled piece of legislation known to man.  The current system allows almost half the population to pay nothing, “directly”, for their government, plus any company or special interest group with lobbying money can obtain a special carve out.  In addition, the worst part of our tax code is the repressive nature of the hidden or embedded taxes in every product we buy.  The current system increases our cost of buying products nearly 25%.  Add the huge export of jobs and high unemployment; it makes the income tax one of the most repressive tax systems in the world.  The fact that it is not visible does not make it acceptable.

The other part of the blundering attack of the 9-9-9 plan was that somehow Federal taxation would impact State taxation.  By removing the hidden tax burden (25% hidden taxation) or in the case of Mr. Cain’s plan reducing the hidden tax, it should have no impact on state taxation.  Yes, Mitt instead of only seeing the state tax the consumer would also see the federal tax that has long been hidden from view.

It is not surprising that with the intellectual dishonesty demonstrated at the Republican debate that most citizens see little substantive differences between the two parties.  Are we so attached to taxing our productivity (income) but not our wealth that all we can do is tax our income “better”?

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