Defining “Marriage” is Unconstitutional

Today the high court is hearing cases regarding the constitutionality of DOMA and California’s proposition 8.  On the surface, the legal challenge is masked in the 14th Amendment as an equal protection issue but in reality, at the heart of the challenge, this is a first amendment issue. (more&h...

“…you didn’t build that”

The classic “chicken or the egg” conundrum Candy shopWhen President Obama so eloquently enlightened the American entrepreneurial spirit that “they” were not responsible for their success but instead it was the result of the government and something that it did right that caused the entrepreneur to be successful.  Sev...

Obama, North Carolina and Gay Marriage

gay marriageIn May 2012, President Obama has come to a revelation.  His position on marriage “evolved”.  He now is comfortable with the concept, but feels that the legalization of gay marriage is a state issue.  Of course, shortly after the President’s revelation, Republican challenger Mitt Romney rebutted the President’s p...

Oil, Gas Prices and Open Markets – Consumption Taxation with a twist

GasPricesToday, the American people find themselves once again victims of rocketing gas prices. We are victims not because our demand is out of control…it is actually down; not because there is a shortage…as a result of a record warm winter domestic supplies are ample. It is not because the exports are up; they are actually sig...

The Catholic Church, Contraceptives and Obama

BirthControlThe President has insulted common sense and the Constitution all at once.  Aside from the President’s twisted sense of morality and clear intrusion on Religion, are two overlooked principles.  First is the separation of powers.  The founding fathers so feared a monarch that they divided our government’s powers into three ...

The Problem with Mitt

Romney speach If Mitt’s negatives are not stagnating his support, perhaps his positives are too weak?  Mitt was a governor in a state that required him to work across the aisle.  He was a very successful turnaround expert that despite Speaker Gingrich’s twisted assaults did create thousands of jobs.  He has managed large...

Attacking Capitalism

RomneyPrinciples have passed…progressive thought has penetrated everywhere. The attacks on capitalism launched by Republican candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum against Mitt Romney leaves one scratching their heads trying to figure out which candidate is worth our support. We need a candidate that supports American rugged individ...


For months, we have been hearing how the economy is much worse than the unemployment numbers reflect. Why…primarily because of underemployment. But who are these struggling Americans who will do whatever it takes to maintain some sense of normalcy. We are told that they are very talented individuals filling roles far below their capabilities. While a life may be the worse thing to waste, certainly one’s talents, for an economy, must be second. More