In this country, “We the People” refers to the citizens of the United States of America, who are guaranteed certain freedoms,

rights and privileges as well as assume the liabilities incurred in the management and defense of those freedoms, rights and privileges.  Today, we spend trillions creating an optimal environment for our citizens.  This environment includes services such as education, medical services, a robust employment base and the sound banking system.

Sovereign nations are defined by their borders.  Without borders, nations do not exist.  Our borders are ignored; by those fleeing desperate situations and those of evil intent.  America needs to remain a bastion of hope to those around the world.  Making legal residence a possibility to honest, hard-working people needs to be part of the solution.  For now, let us concentrate on border security.

Congress has already authorized a fence along our southern border.  They lacked the political will to actually complete the task but they have authorized the construction.  Securing our border will require two fences, a physical fence and the virtual fence.  The task of building a physical fence should be passed to the Army Corps of Engineers to be completed with all due haste.

The second fence, the virtual fence, requires more determination and diligence.  At the center of the virtual fence is a National ID program.  We already have a National ID card, thanks to Social Security but it is so poorly run that it cannot be relied on.  The National ID program should be transferred from the Social Security administration to another agency like the NSA or FBI.  These organizations are security oriented and should be able to develop a robust and secure program.  The National ID should incorporate both high-tech and low-tech security procedures.  The security procedures can be as sophisticated as DNA validation or as simplistic as verifying your mother’s maiden name.  Credit card companies have been securing customer account information for years.  We should be able to leverage industry know how to cost effectively develop a robust National ID program.

Once the National ID program is implemented, the virtual fence can be constructed.  There are four key pressure points that would discourage illegal entry into the United States.  They are:

  • Employment
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Medical Care

Employment – today it is illegal to hire anyone other than a US citizen or those guests that have a legal right to work here.  Enforcement of these laws needs to be strengthened.  One way to strengthen the enforcement would be to require the employer to validate the national ID against a national database.  Once validated, the employer would be given the validation code as proof that the check had been performed.  Non-citizens would need to be validated on hiring as well as periodically throughout the year.  Another deterrent to breaking employment laws would be to increase the financial penalties.  Steep financial penalties against the employer would go a long way to discourage the employment of illegal aliens.  Removing a financial gain would reduce the incentive for violating employment laws.  Another deterrent for violating employment laws would be to require mandatory jail time for those violating the employment laws.  The intent of the mandatory jail time would not be for punishment.  Those penalties should be strictly financial but more for the embarrassment factor.  Those involved in the hiring of illegal aliens would be subject to a mandatory time not to exceed five days per employee up to a maximum of 30 days.  Those that would be subject to jail time would include the hiring supervisor, the head of human resources, and the Chief Executive Officer.  All three of these individuals are responsible for enforcing the employment laws.  Another tool to increasing enforcement of our current employment laws would be to offer illegal aliens legal status should they come forward and report an employer who engages in hiring illegal aliens.  In order to receive legal status the alien would need to testify and win a conviction against an employer.  Finally, those working illegally in the United States would have no right to wages.

Banking – Most illegal aliens cross the border in order to earn wages to be sent back to their home country.  Our banking system does not require citizenship to obtain access to it.  This should change.  Those individuals making deposits and withdrawals including money orders or transferring funds internationally would be required to prove legal status.  The national ID would be validated against the database and a validation code issued to the banking entity proving that the procedure was performed.  Eliminating the ability to easily transfer capital would greatly reduce the incentive for illegal entry.

Education – in order to access the American education system, a parent of legal status would need to enroll the children.  Once again, the national ID would be validated against a national database and a verification code would be issued to prove the procedure was performed.

Medical care – individuals seeking medical care would require validation.  Medical care would be administered but after the individual situation is stabilize and their legal status would need to be validated against the national database.  If the individual is not here legally they would be remanded over to custody and scheduled for deportation.

In addition to the above pressure points, enforcement of immigration laws while a federal obligation requires all public servants at all levels to assist in its enforcement.  Any public official whether at the federal, state or local level not supporting and enforcing immigration laws would be removed from office and barred from serving the period of not less than 10 years.  The concept of the sanctuary city must be eliminated.  Any public servant not supporting the federal government performing a constitutional obligation is not serving the public.  The place to change federal policy is in Congress.  Subversion of federal law should not be tolerated.

The construction of a physical fence and the creation of a virtual fence complemented by a robust immigration policy and a fair guest worker program should lead to a safe and secure nation.

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