Listening to the political discourse there is one and only one solution to the nation’s woes. The solution (the only acceptable main stream solution) is based on a century long progressive movement…Government. Any other solution is pure folly.

Can we fund the government other than through productivity (income tax) taxation? What about a consumption tax (Fair Tax or equivalent)? What fool would suggest this? Palin? Perry? Cain? All fools!

Retirement. Is there any other solution than Social Security? Who would ever think of empowering the mass? Self directed retirement. What fool would have another solution? Perry, Ryan…are you nuts!

Border Security, Health Care, Energy and Fiscal Sanity all pressing issues in our time but limited to one progressive solution…Government. The problem, new solutions take more than a sound bite to explain. With a century of progressivism, American socialism has created a society that has an unhealthy dependency on Government. Principled solutions like those of our founding are foreign to the American people.

To bridge this gap requires education or risk being belittled by the mainstream as a whack, incompetent or a fool. How to bridge this gap? I would recommend the creation of web videos such as those at The time should be about 5 minutes in duration. The more “entertaining” the video the better your chances are to make your point. Dick Morris does a similar broadcast with his “lunch alerts” although his topics are more directed to current events than policy, but the principle is the same. In today’s fast pace world you will find few people willing to read a policy white paper but listen to a podcast or a web movie. Your chances just improved.

To expect a principled solution to get a fair shake is foolish as is the expectation that your positions are going to be accurately portrayed. You need to augment the sound byte with a media that will allow you to make a principled argument. Most likely this election can be won just by not being the current President. But would it not be better to win this election with a coalition of Jeffersonian Democrats, Lincoln Republicans and freedom loving independents.

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