Replace the complex progressive wealth distribution and governmental funding system with a logical principled growth philosophy that will maximize one’s ability to achieve prosperity.

A Better Tax System

Today we tax everything, we tax personal income, corporate income, we are taxed for old age survivor insurance, hospital insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance. We are taxed for the use of highways, the airports. We tax our drink and our smokes and we are even taxed to die.  Our tax philosophy is devoid of logic, riveted with holes from special interests and stretched by progressiveness. In addition, we are punished for what has made us great for productivity, our drive for success.  Currently, we derived 94% revenue through taxing of industry and productivity, your income.  But this was not always our philosophy; in the 1900s none of our tax revenues came from tax on industry. Eighty-four of our revenue came from excise and customs and the balance from enterprise entities, in the 1800s, over 97% of our revenue came from imports.  Our founders.  Our foundation.  Our history embraced industry, risk-taking and prosperity.  Our future cannot be found in the governments of Europe or Asia nor in our present expansionist course.  Our future is in our past.  We need to embrace our principles.  Repeal the 16th amendment and insert a principal tax philosophy.  The government should be funded through three rational revenue sources, a consumption tax, an import or access tax and enterprise entities.  Funding our government is a necessary evil; wisely funding our government is paramount.


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